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Join the Keystone Canoe Club today and play all year!  Join (or renew) on or after January 1st at our inexpensive yearly membership rates (see below) and enjoy a year of paddling and much more! NOTE: Your annual KCC and ACA memberships mean no per-event fees! Of course, you are responsible for your travel, meals, camping, and lodging expenses incurred on trips. And there is a nominal pool rental fee for the Winter Pool Sessions. We do not provide kayaks or canoes.
STEP 1:   Join the American Canoe Association (ACA)*which provides liability insurance and other benefits to its members. If you are already an ACA member, you will receive a renewal notice prior to the anniversary of your membership. Use the link in that email notice to renew.
  1. Click to enter the ACA web site to join with a credit card.
  2.  If you are not on the “Select Your ACA Membership Type” page, choose “Membership” from the menu above.
  3. Select "PAC Individuals or Families." Because the Keystone Canoe Club is an ACA “Paddle America Club,” your discounted annual ACA membership is $25 per person.
  4. Click “Continue,” then follow the directions. Renewing members should sign in, new members will need to register to proceed.
  5. Under “Paddle America Clubs,” select “Keystone Canoe Club.”
  6. Upon completion of your membership application, you will receive an immediate confirmation and a new membership card in a few weeks. Save/record your membership number. You will need to include that on your KCC membership form.
    * Instead of joining the ACA, you may choose to pay a $5 per-event insurance fee to participate in any KCC-sponsored paddle trip, pool session, or clinic.
STEP 2: Join the Keystone Canoe Club (KCC) by downloading, filling out, printing, and signing the  KCC Membership Form and Waiver Write a check, payable to “Keystone Canoe Club,” for $15 (for an individual) or $20 (for a family … a couple and all children under the age of 18 living at the same address). Anyone 18 years of age or older needs his or her own individual membership.

STEP 3:    Mail your completed & signed KCC Membership Form & Waiver (including your ACA number) and your check to:

Kathy Bowser, Treasurer
Keystone Canoe Club 
421 Birch Hill Rd.
Shoemakersville, PA 19555