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All our Trip Leaders are KCC members who volunteer their time and talents to guide our trips. They, naturally, rely on their own experience when choosing and planning, but they also depend on trusted sources of relevant information (access points, features and hazards, weather forecasts, water levels and flow, dam releases, and much more). Much of the same information they rely on is available to all of us. This page is a list of resources that could help you prepare for or enhance your paddling experiences, whether you paddle with us or head out on your own.
A Paddler’s Guide to the Schuylkill River Water Trail
Some of our KCC members have taken their preparation one big step further. They have applied their paddling experience and expertise, talents, and 4 years of their time to develop  “A Paddler’s Guide to the Schuylkill River Water Trail” with/for the Schuylkill River Greenways . This comprehensive set of 18 detailed section maps and an informative 20-page guide booklet is our “bible” when planning and guiding outings on or along the Schuylkill. It is an award-winning compilation and presentation of the type of information we consider when preparing to paddle anywhere.

Launch Permits
To use Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC), Pennsylvania State Park, or Army Corps of Engineers boat launches, you are required to have a launch permit (cheaper and for in-state use only) or a registration sticker on your canoe or kayak (more expensive, but also works in states that have reciprocity with PA). Some of our trips use these ramps.
Order launch permits online  - for your boat
Registration issuing agents  - Berks County
Permit issuing agents - Berks County 

Want to paddle but don’t have equipment?
If you are looking to buy a kayak or canoe, we highly recommend that you try out boats on the water before purchasing. Some of the outfitters listed below offer demo days for this purpose, but you can also try out a variety of KCC member boats if you attend the Paddling Skills Workshop presented by Berks County Parks & Recreation and KCC. We can explain the differences and purposes between different-style boats as you paddle them. This will help you decide which works better for your paddling interests & goals and your body shape and size. We also introduce gear and equipment for paddling and transporting boats on vehicles. This workshop is held annually around the second Saturday in July and costs $10.

These businesses offer kayaks and canoes (new and used) and related gear:  

Rentals & Schools
Trips & Centers
In addition to KCC trips, other paddling opportunities are available through these organizations:​​

Kayak/Canoe Slalom Racing

Other Paddling Organizations

Other Maps & Guides

Water Levels, Flow, Temperature
Conservation Groups